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take it personal-episode 41-tribute mix.

Miami Bass Tribute Mix

2 Live Crew - 2 Live

Clay D - Get Funky

MC Cool Rock & Chaszy Chess - Creep Dog

MC Shy D - Gotta Be Tough

2 Live Crew - Mr. Mixx On The Mix

2 Live Crew - Throw The D

Half Pint - Stomp & Grind

Anquette - Ghetto Style

Dynamix II - Just Give The DJ A Break

Pretty Tony - Get Some

MC ADE - Bass Mechanic

2 Live Crew - What I Like

Gucci Crew - Sally (That Girl)

DJ Magic Mike - Magician Bassin It Up

Poison Clan - Dance All Night

Young And Restless - Poison Ivy

2 Hyped Brothers - Doo Doo Brown

2 Live Crew - I Wanna Rock ( Doo Doo Brown)

2 Live Crew - We Want Some Pussy 

2 Live Crew - Pop That Pussy

2 Live Crew - C’Mon Babe

2 Live Crew - Me So Horny

Mass Production - Firecracker

2 Live Crew - One And One

Afro Rican - Give It All You Got

Clay D - Boot The Booty

Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk 

Jam Pony Express - Play At Your Own Risk

Poison Clan - Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya

MC Shy D - Shake It

Breezy Beat MC - Shake The Joint

Jealous J - Cut It Up Def feat. Gemini

Vanilla Ice -  Ice Ice Baby

Home Team - Pick It Up

2 Live Crew - Ghetto Bass

DJ Magic Mike - Feel The Bass

DJ Magic Mike - Drop The Bass pt 2

DJ Magic Mike - Magic Mike Cuts The Record

Vicious Bass - Magic Meets Lace

2 Live Crew - Get It Girl

2 Live Crew - F-uck Shop

Quadrant Six - Body Mechanic

2 Live Crew - Move Somethin’

2 Live Crew - Doo Wa Diddy

2 Live Crew - Banned In The USA

2 Live Crew - Shake A Lil’ Somethin’

Luke - Scarred feat. Trick Daddy

DJ Uncle Al - What’s My Name

DJ Uncle Al - Ho’s N Da House

Splack Pack - Scrub Da Ground

Freak Nasty - Da Dip

MC Shy D - True To The Game

Tag Team - Whoomp There It Is

Quad City DJ’s - C’Mon N Ride It (The Train)

Poison Clan - Don’t Sleep On A Hizzo

Luke - Cowards In Compton feat. JT Money

Luke - Bust A Nut feat. Notorious B.I.G.

JT Money - Who Dat

Trick Daddy - Nann Nigga feat. Trina

Trick Daddy - Shut Up

Trick Daddy - Take It To The House feat. Trina & Deuce

Anquette - Shake It (Do The 61st)

The Miami Bass movement was extremely prominent in the 80s and 90s, thanks to legendary artists like 2 Live Crew, MC Shy D, Planet Patrol, Gucci Crew, Anquette, Poison Clan and Clay D. The DJ’s also played a significant role in the movement as well, like Mr. Mixx, DJ Magic Mike, DJ Laz, Uncle Al, Jam Pony Express, Felix Sama, Power Supply and Jealous J (Jim Jonsin). While most people think Uncle Luke when talking about Miami Bass, the scene was so thick as Andre would say. Before you had Pitbull, Flo Rida, Kodak Black, Rick Ross, Ace Hood, DJ Khaled, Stitches, Lil Pump or XXXTENTACION, you had this great music featured on our 1 hour and 23 minute mix. We know our core audience is prominently east coast (bias) and we all know where hip-hop started. If you’re a fan of Take It Personal, you’ll know we cover everything and take pride in showcasing music from all over. But it’s important to listen, understand and appreciate what other regions like the South have to offer. We don’t expect you to love everything we play, but everything played on this tribute was played for a reason. This is an extensive timeline of Miami Bass themed music and while the Miami sound evolved and featured less bass as the years went on, all these tracks capture an important time in music, especially in the MIA. This is our Miami Bass Tribute. We hope you all enjoy it!

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