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Episode 12 (Prodigy Tribute) w/ DJ Premier, Mayhem Lauren, & Ras Kass

  1. Survival of The Fittest

  2. Keep It Thoro (Prodigy)

  3. Drop A Gem On ‘Em

  4. Rare Species

  5. Hoodlum

  6. Where Ya Heart At

  7. Street Life

  8. Right Back At You

  9. Eye For An Eye (Demo)

  10. Eye For An Eye

  11. Live Nigga Rap (Nas)

  12. The War’s On (Almighty RSO)

  13. Still Shinin’

  14. G.O.D. Part III

  15. O.D. Part III (The After Hours Remix)

  16. Quiet Storm

  17. Hell On Earth

  18. Three (Prodigy)

  19. The Realest

  20. Extortion

  21. Give Up The Goods

  22. Drink Away The Pain

  23. Shook Ones Pt. 2

  24. Feel My Gat Blow

  25. Adrenaline

  26. Apostle’s Warning

  27. What’s Ya Poison

  28. Bloodshed And War (Da Youngstas)

  29. Hoodie Weather (Your Old Droog)

  30. Recognize & Realize Pt. 1 (Big Noyd)

  31. I Shot Ya (Remix) (LL Cool J)

  32. Recognize & Realize Pt. 2 (Big Noyd)

  33. Eyes May Shine (Remix) (Xzibit)

  34. Shoot ‘Em Up (Big Noyd)

  35. Gusto (A+)

  36. Microphone Masters (Remix) (Das EFX)

  37. The Heat Is On (Screwball)

  38. It Can Happen To You (DJ Muggs)

  39. It’s The Pee ’97 (PMD)

  40. Thun & Kicko (Cormega)

  41. Tha Game (Pete Rock)

  42. Seven Series Triplets (Action Bronson)

  43. Hold You Down (The Alchemist)

  44. Put ‘Em In Their Place

  45. Burn

  46. Outta Control (Remix)

  47. Capital P

  48. Where You At (Kool G. Rap)

  49. Throw Your Hands

  50. It’s Mine

  51. Stuck On You (Prodigy

  52. Queens (LL Cool J)

  53. Tempature’s Rising

  54. Win Or Lose

  55. Hey Luv

  56. Young Lu

  57. Got It Twisted

  58. I.P. (Prodigy)

After our 6+ hour DJ Premier show, we swore we were done with tributes for a while. Then, on June 20th, hip-hop suffered another tremendous loss. We usually celebrate the careers of the artists we do tributes on, but in this show, we wanted to celebrate the life of Albert “Prodigy” Johnson as well. Like the Preem tribute, this was no easy feat. Prodigy’s career was remarkable filled with longevity and a ridiculously extensive catalog. He started making music as a teen and went out doing exactly what he loved at aged 42. This tribute was an emotional one, and we know many of you will get to re-live moments when you first heard these Mobb classics. If there is one thing our listeners should know by now about Take It Personal, it’s that we take it SERIOUSLY! We have 5 extraordinary guests, each one sharing unique, personal stories about Prodigy. Shouts out to DJ Premier, Bonz Malone, Meyhem Lauren, Domingo and Ras Kass for being a huge part of this proper send-off. You all helped make this a masterpiece. And since this is another 6+ hour one, we decided to break it up into two parts. Please make sure you listen to it in its entirety- I promise, you don’t want to miss anything our guests had to say or any of the joints we played. P may be gone, but his music lives forever. RIP P!


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