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Episode 86 - Kool G. Rap Tribute & Interview - Part 1

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When you hear the term "your rappers favorite rapper", they're are talking about Kool G. Rap. Whether you consider him the G.O.A.T. or  somewhere in your Top 5, there is no denying that Kool G. Rap is one most influential rappers of all-time. 


And when celebrating a god like KGR, you don't half-ass it with some 60 minute tribute mix. You know on Take It Personal, when we do a tribute, we go all-out. So, this Kool G. Rap Tribute is a 2-parter where each episode will contain two 1+ hour mixes as well as our exclusive Kool G. Rap interview. 


Whether you like Nas, Jay, Big, Pun, Em, Black Thought or any other great lyricist, just know they're great because of Kool G. Rap. The multis, the wordplay, the humor, the violence, the voice and god-like ability to tell a story, there' is NOBODY quite like him.


The man of the hour sat down with us to discuss his illustrious career. We talk Marley Marl, Eric B., Kane and the whole Juice Crew. We get into his favorite mobster movies, favorite verse of all-time and we even make him pick his own top 5. We discuss Nas, Black Thought, Masta Ace, Pun and Necro. We even cover the Rawkus debacle and much more. 


Don't forget to follow us @takeitpersonalradio, as we'll be announcing the winners of our Michael Kreiser Hip-Hop Comic Art contest on this tribute.

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