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Episode 71 (Diggin In the Crates) 

  1. M.O.P. – Drama Lord

  2. Shyheim – Pass It Off (Remix) feat. GP Wu & Big Daddy Kane

  3. Shyheim – Get Down feat. Snaggapuss, Rubbabanz & Leatha Face

  4. The Beatnuts – 40 Oz

  5. Kurious – Baby Bust It feat. Kadi, MF Grimm & Lord Sear

  6. Kool G. Rap – Money On My Brain feat. B-1 & MF Grimm

  7. Hard 2 Obtain – Local Hero

  8. House of Pain – On Point

  9. House of Pain – On Point (Da Beatminerz Remix)

  10. The Roots – Proceed V (Da Beatminerz Remix)

  11. The Pharcyde – Drop (Da Beatminrez Remix)

  12. Onyx – Purse Snatchaz Pt. 2 feat. Trigga Tha Gambler, Smooth Da Hustler & D.V. Alias Khrist

  13. Demastas – Feel No Guilt feat. Nine

  14. Real Live – Real Live Shit

  15. Dark Skinned Assassin – Lock Shit Down

  16. Foundation & Rezidue – Boogie Down’s Got The Flavor

  17. Pop Da Brown Hornet – Can You Wu-Wu-Wu

  18. Funkdoobiest – Lost In Thought

  19. Ill Biskits – God Bless Your Life

  20. Brand Nubian – Hold On (Remix)

  21. Lord Finesse – Check The Method

  22. The Artifacts – Collaboration of Mics feat. Lord Jamar & Lord Finesse

  23. Redman – Where Am I?

  24. Terminator X – Under The Sun feat. Joe Sinistr

  25. Now Born Click – Mad Sick

  26. The Troubleneck Brothers – Troubleneck Wreck

  27. World Renown – How Nice I Am

  28. N-Tense – Raise The Levels of The Boom

  29. Private Investigators – Mash of The Mic (Remix)

  30. Freddie Foxxx – So Tough (Remix) feat. Queen Latifah

  31. Da King & I – Tears

  32. Shabazz The Disciple – Death Be The Penalty

  33. Killarmy – Wake Up

  34. The Royal Fam – I Declare War

  35. Ca$h Money Click – 4 My Click feat. Mic Geronimo

Episode 71 takes it back to the 90s with music from Shyheim, House of Pain, The Artifacts, Redman, Lord Finesse and Kool G. Rap. Plus, we dug deep in the obscure record crates with Private Investigators, Now Born Click, N-Tense, Da King & I, World Renown, Joe Sinistr and Hard 2 Obtain.

At the break, we share our thoughts on the new Nas album Kings Disease and discuss if DJ Premier still brings that heat. Dick Knickerboxer returns with a game of name that tune, that will surely infuriate many of you playing along. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of Take It Personal Radio. Next up is our mammoth 1995 Tribute Trilogy series!
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