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Episode 67 - A Tribute to Street Level











Episode 67 is tribute to the timeless Beatnut's classic Street Level. For the first time on Take It Personal, we decided to do an album spotlight show and what better way to relive this '94 release than with some of the guys responsible for creating it?
We get to relive this classic album track-by-track with special guests Al' Tariq aka Kool Fashion and Psycho Les. We speak to Al Tariq first and later Les joins with his own perspective. Then, in typical Take It Personal fashion, we reunite the guys for the first time in many, many years.


In '94, we became immune to classic releases because they were dropping weekly, sometimes twice daily. Street Level isn’t just a classic album, it’s damn near perfect, front to back. The production is some of the finest you'll ever hear, too. While The Nuts went on to have greater success as a duo with chart-topping hits such as Off The Books and Watch Out Now, their energy and wit always seemed the best when they were a trio. In a week, we will be releasing both stand-alone interviews of Al' Tariq and Psycho Les as we discuss their solo ventures, Junkyard Juju, the reintroduction of Big Pun, J-Lo stealing their beat, plus life after The Nuts. There's even a discussion about a possible reunion.  But for now, check out our Tribute to Street Level - we know you're going to LOVE IT!
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