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Episode 65 - The Remix Show

  1. Black Moon - I Got Cha Opin (Remix)

  2. DJ Polo & Kool G. Rap – On The Run (Remix)

  3. Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Extra P Remix)

  4. Organized Konfusion - Stress (Remix) feat. Large Professor

  5. A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics To Go (Remix)

  6. A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God (Remix)

  7. Common - Soul By The Pound (Remix)

  8. Artifacts - C'mon Wit Da Get Down (Remix) feat. Busta Rhymes

  9. Funkdoobiest - Rock On (Remix)

  10. Tha Alkaholiks - Daaam (Remix)

  11. M.O.P. - Rugged Neva Smoove (Remix)

  12. D&D All-Stars - 1, 2 Pass It (Remix)

  13. Showbiz & A.G. - Next Level (Remix)

  14. Nas - Halftime (Remix)

  15. Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Down (Remix)

  16. House of Pain - Jump Around (Remix)

  17. Brand Nubian - Slow Down (Remix)

  18. Das EFX - Jussamen (Remix)

  19. Das EFX - Mic Checka (Remix)

  20. Ice Cube - Check Yo Self (Remix) feat. Das EFX

  21. Masta Ace - Born To Roll

  22. Ultramagnetic MC’s - Poppa Large (Remix)

  23. A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario (Remix) feat. Kid Hood & L.O.N.S.

  24. Beastie Boys - Get It Together (Remix) feat. Q-Tip

  25. Beastie Boys - Sure Shot (Extra P Remix)

  26. Beastie Boys - So Whatcha Want (DJ Muggs Remix)

  27. Souls of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity (Remix)

  28. Casual - That's How It Is (Remix)

  29. Common - Resurrection (Large Professor Remix)

  30. Common - Resurrection (Extra P Remix)

  31. De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Remix) feat Truth Enola & Mos Def

  32. Da Bush Babees - The Love Song (Remix) feat. De La Soul & Mos Def

  33. The Fugees - Nappy Heads (Remix)

  34. The Fugees - Vocab (Remix)

  35. Das EFX - Microphone Master (Remix) feat. Mobb Deep

  36. LL Cool J - I Shot Ya (Remix) feat. Keith Murray, Fat Joe, Prodigy & Foxy Brown

  37. Real Live - Real Live Shit (Remix) feat. Killa Sin, Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah & Lord Tariq

  38. AZ - Doe Or Die (RZA Remix) feat. Raekwon

  39. Kool G. Rap - Fast Life (Norfside Remix) feat. Nas

  40. Kool G. Rap - Fast Life (Buckwild Remix) feat. Nas

  41. Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Remix) feat. Busta Rhymes, Rampage, Biggie & LL Cool J

  42. The Luniz - I Got 5 On It (Remix) feat. Dru Down, E-40, Richie Rich, Shock G & Spice 1

  43. Eric B. & Rakim - Pain In Full (The Coldcut Remix)

  44. Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone Fiend (45 King Remix)

  45. Steady B - Serious (BDP Remix)

  46. Public Enemy - Night of Living Bassheads (Remix)

  47. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca & The Soul Brother (Remix

  48. 3rd Bass - Product of Environment (Remix)

  49. LL Cool J - Jiggling Baby (Remix)

  50. Jungle Brothers - On The Road Again (Remix) feat. Q-Tip

  51. De La Soul - Buddy (Native Tongue Remix) feat. Jungle Brothers, Monie Love, Queen Latfiah & Q-Tip

  52. Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (Remix)

  53. King Tee - At Your Own Risk (Remix)

  54. Brand Nubian - Punks Jump To Get Beat Down (Remix feat. Diamond D

  55. Main Source - Just Hangin Out (Remix)

  56. Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy - Funk Mode (Remix) feat. Large Professor & Havoc

  57. Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy - Street Life (Remix)

  58. Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy - Grand Grove (Remix)

  59. Black Moon - Buck em' Down (Remix)

  60. Mary J. Blige – I Love You (Remix) feat. Smif-N-Wessun

  61. Smif-N-Wessun - Wrekonize (Remix)

  62. Nas - The World Is Yours (Q-Tip Remix)

  63. Fat Joe - The Shit Is Real (Remix)

  64. Jeru The Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet (Remix)

  65. Artifacts - The Ultimate (Remix)

  66. Ras Kass - Soul on Ice (Remix)

  67. Ras Kass - Goldyn Child (Remix)

  68. Method Man & Redman - How High (Remix)

Remember the remix? Remember buying that cassette single because you needed that b-side featuring that new remix? Remember the remix that breathed new life into a track you had just starting grown tired of? Remember hearing the debut of a new rapper on a remix? Remember splurging and buying that maxi-single because it had not just 1 remix, but 2? And don't get me started on the unreleased b-side gems. That's a whole nother episode.

The remix is a lost art today, but in the 90s it meant something. Some remixes had different vocals, and some different beats. Some  remixes were just flat-out better than the originals. Some remixes started and even saved careers for many rappers and producers.


Remember the first time you heard On The Run? What about the incredible Stress remix? Remember hearing Mos Def on the Stakes Is High Remix? 


Episode 65 is our first installment of our Remix series. Thanks to guys like Pete Rock, Marley Marl, DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Salaam Remi, Large Pro, Da Beatminerz, Diamond D and Buckwild to name a few, the remix became a staple in 90s hip-hop.


We got 68+ remixes on Episode 65 and we're just getting warmed-up, too! At the break, the gang discusses the beauty of the remix. We pick our favorites in each set (3) and take you down music memory lane with stories mixed-in with some unexpected hilarity. This is easily one of our best episodes, ever! 

o far).
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