Episode 63 - MF Doom Tribute  

All Songs by MF DOOM or K.M.D. unless noted

1.     All Caps

2.     The Mic Sounds Nice

3.     Hoe Cakes

4.     Benzie Box feat. Cee-Lo

5.     Gazzillion Ear

6.     Fire Wood Drumstix

7.     Rapp Snitch Kniches feat. Mr. Fantastik

8.     Figaro (Demo version)

9.     Salvia

10.   Vomitspit

11.   Vomitspit (Original)

12.   Dead Bent (Original 12" Version)

13.   Doomsday

14.   Peachfuzz

15.   3rd Bass - The Gas Face feat. Zev-Love X

16.   3rd Bass - Ace In The Hole feat. KMD

17.   Rhymes Like Dimes feat. Bobbito

18.   Hard Wit No Hoe

19.   Nitty Gritty (Remix) feat. Busta Rhymes, Lord Jamar & Sadat X

20.   What A Niggy Know?

21.   The M.I.C.

22.   Potholderz feat. Count Bass D

23.   Deep Fried Frenz

24.   Fancy Clown

25.   Meat Grinder (Demo version)

26.   Sofa King (Original Mix)

27.   Sofa King (Remix)

28.   Count Bass D - Quite Buttery feat. MF DOOM

29.   De La Soul - Rock Co.kane Flow feat. MF DOOM

30.   Jake One - Get 'Er Done feat. MF DOOM

31.   Ballskin

32.   Microwave Mayo

33.   Jake One - Trap Door feat. MF DOOM

34.   More Rhymin'

35.   Gas Drawls

36.   Red And Gold

37.   The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra feat. Danny Brown & MF DOOM

38.   One Beer

39.   Kookies

40.   Accordion

41.   Curls

42.   Rhimestone Cowboy

43.   Damu The Fudgemunk & MF DOOM - Coco Mango

44.   That's That

45.   Gorillaz - November Has Come feat. MF DOOM

46.   Zero 7 - Sommersault (Dangermouse Remix) feat. MF DOOM

47.   Greenbacks (Original 12" Version)

48.   What A Nigga Know (Remix) feat. MF Grimm

49.   MF Grimm - Foolish feat. Megalon & MF DOOM

50.   MF Grimm - Voices Pt. 1 feat. MF DOOM

51.   Angels feat. Ghostface Killah

52.   The Mask feat. Ghostface Killah

53.   Victory Laps

54.   Victory Laps (Remix)

55.   BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Ray Gun feat. MF DOOM

56.   Ghostface Killah & MF DOOM - Chinatown Wars

57.   Ghostface Killah, MF DOOM  & J Dilla -Sniper Elite

58.   Lightworks

59.   Atmosphere - When The Lights Go Out feat. MF DOOM & Kool Keith

60.   Moleman - Put Your Quarters Up feat. Slug, Aesop Rock & MF DOOM

61.   Moleman - Is He Ill feat. MF DOOM

62.   Lickupon

63.   Vaudeville Villiam

64.   Czarface & MF DOOM - Phantoms feat. Open Mike Eagle

65.   Czarface & MF DOOM - Meddle With Metal

66.   Czarface - Ka-Bang! feat. MF DOOM

67.   Non Phixion - Strange Universe feat. MF DOOM

68.   Impostas

69.   Masta Ace - Think I Am feat. Big Daddy Kane & MF DOOM

70.   Questionmark feat. Kurious

71.   Sweet Premium Wine

72.   Nitty Gritty feat. Brand Nubian

73.   Who Me?

74.   Go With The Flow

75.   Hey!

76.   Herbaliser - It Ain't Nutthin' feat. MF DOOM

77.   Anti-Matter feat. Mr. Fantastik

78.   Ghostface Killah - Charlie Brown

79.   Monsta Island Czars - Mic Line

80.   The Final Hour

81.   Fazers

82.   Fall Back Titty Fat

83.   The Drop

84.   Raid

85.   Strange Ways

86.   Money Folder

87.   Kurious - Benneton feat. MC Serch & MF DOOM

88.   MF DOOM & RZA - Biochemical Equation

89.   Talib Kweli - Fly That Knot feat. MF DOOM

90.   PRyme - Highs and Lows feat. Phonte & MF DOOM

91.   DJ Babu - The Unexpected feat. MF DOOM & Sean Price

92.   Prince Paul - People, Places And Things feat. Chubb Rock, Wordsworth & MF DOOM

93.   MC Paul Barman - Hot Guacamole feat. MF DOOM

94.   Moka Only - More Soup feat. MF DOOM

95.   DOOM

96.   Hooks Is Extra

97.   DJ Muggs - Assassination Day feat. Kool G. Rap & MF DOOM

98.   Westside Gunn & MF DOOM - 2 Strings

99.   Dabyre - Air feat. MF DOOM

100.  JJ DOOM - Guv'nor

101.  Smokin' That Shit feat. Earth Quake, Kurious & Lord Sear

102.  Popcorn

103.  Fuck With Ya Head feat. Hard 2 Obtain

104.  Constipated Monkey

105.  Modern Day Mugging

106.  Lactose And Lecithin

107.  America's Most Blunted

108.  J Dilla - Mash's Revenge feat. Guilty Simpson & MF DOOM

109.  My Favorite Ladies

110.  Blendcrafters - Melody (Remix) feat. MF DOOM

111.  All Outta Ale (Remix)

112.  Bada Bing

113.  Mince Meat

114.  Vast Aire - Da Supafriendz feat. MF DOOM

115.  Trial 'N Error

116.  Gasface Refill

117.  Supavillianz feat. Kurious, Mobonix & Slug

118.  Mokey Suite

119.  A Dead Mouse

120.  Monday Night At Fluid feat. Kurious

121.  Rae Dawn

122.  Scienz of Life - Yikes feat. MF DOOM

123.  Change The Beat

124.  Change The Beat (DJ 360 Remix)

Episode 63 is our very long, but very necessary MF DOOM tribute. It clocks in at 6+ hours and features over 130 classics and collabos. It also features 7 special guests who stopped by to share stories as well as navigate you through our DOOM tribute.


We're going to remember these times for years to come. What we listened to or watched during the infamous quarantine. There have been some amazing hip-hop moments because of it, specifically Club Quarantine with D-Nice and most recently the DJ Premier vs. RZA live battle. We hope this masterpiece will be up there with them.


Please, be sure to spread the word if you're enjoying this tribute. Tell some friends who may not be familiar with us but love DOOM. This is all we ask of you!


Special shouts to Prime Mister Pete Nice, Kurious Jorge, Bobbito aka Kool Bob Love, Lord Sear, Jake One, Slug & MC Serch for being apart of this.




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