Episode 50 - The Official Hiero Tribute)

1.     Del - DEL Meets The Dummies

2.     Souls of Mischief - That's When Ya Lost

3.     Souls of Mischief - That's When Ya Lost (Remix)

4.     Del - No Need For Alarm

5.     Del - Wack MC's

6.     Souls of Mischief - Let 'Em Know

7.     Del - The Undisputed Champs feat. Q-Tip, Pep Love & Jay-Biz

8.     Casual - That's How It Is

9.     Casual - That's How It Is (Remix)

10.   Souls of Mischief - '93 Til Infinity (Remix)

11.   Souls of Mischief - '93 Til Infinity

12.   Hieroglyphics - Oakland Blackouts

13.   Hieroglyphics - You Never Know

14.   Hieroglyphics - Make Your Move feat. Goapele

15.   Hieroglyphics - Make Your Move feat. Goapele (9th Wonder Remix)

16.   Hieroglyphics - Miles To The Sun

17.   Extra Prolific - Go Back To School feat. Pep Love

18.   Extra Prolific - In 20 Minutes

19.   Casual - I Didn't Mean To (Remix)

20.   Casual - I Didn't Mean To

21.   Del - Wrong Place

22.   Del - No More Worries feat. A-Plus, Snupe & Casual

23.   Casual - Me-O-Mi-O

24.   Casual - Me-O-Mi-O (Domino Remix)

25.   Del - Catch A Bad One (Remix)

26.   Del - Catch A Bad One

27.   Del - Mistadobalina

28.   Del - Mistadobalina (Remix)

29.   Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood feat. Del

30.   Souls of Mischief - Spark (RJD2 Remix)

31.   Casual - Turkey & Dressin'

32.   Pep Love - Crooked Angles

33.   Pep Love -The Fight Club

34.   Hieroglyphics - Respect Deez

35.   Casual - I Gotta (Get Down)

36.   Souls of Mischief - Rock It Like That

37.   Del - Worldwide

38.   Souls of Mischief - Disseshowedo

39.   Souls of Mischief - Live And Let Live

40.   Souls of Mischief - Cab Fare

41.   Souls of Mischief - What A Way To Go Out

42.   Del - Burnt feat. Hieroglyphics

43.   Del - Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo

44.   Casual - Father Figure

45.   Casual - Same O.G.

46.   Kool DJ EQ - Three Emcees feat. Xzibit, Del & Casual

47.   Prince Ali (Mahershala Ali) - The Majors feat. Planet Asia, Keith Murray & Casual

48.   Hieroglyphics - After Dark

49.   Souls of Mischief - Where The Fuck You At?

50.   Deltron 3030 - Mastermind

51.   Deltron 3030 - Positive Contact

52.   Gorillaz - Rock The House feat. Del

53.   Del - Dr. Bombay

54.   Casual - Later On (Remix)

55.   Extra Prolific - Cash Money feat. Casual

56.   Extra Prolific - First Sermon

57.   Del - Miles To Go

58.   Del - Thank Youse

59.   Del - Phoney Phranchise (Domino Remix)

60.   Hieroglyphics - Classic

61.   Del - Time Is Too Expensive

62.   Pep Love - Act Phenom

63.   Souls of Mischief - Lalala

64.   A-Plus - Californication feat. Del

65.   AmpLive - Video Tapez feat. Del

66.   Del - Jaw Gymnastics feat. Casual

67.   Del - Eye Examination

68.   Souls of Mischief - Unseen Hand

69.   Souls of Mischief - Never No More (Remix)

70.   Hieroglyphics - The Who (A-Plus Remix)

71.   Del - Sleepin' On My Couch


If you’re going to Hiero Day, EPISODE 50 is going to enhance your experience exponentially. If you aren’t attending, this is the next best thing. We interviewed Del, Domino, Casual & Tajai and we’ve got stories for days! We talk about Del doing shrooms with Q-Tip to Casual freestyling with Pharoahe Monch at the Gavin. Of course, we touch on Casual vs. Saafir and the impact it had on battle rap. We find out Ice Cube wasn’t a fan of Gang Starr and thought Kool Keith was too weird (ya don’t say?). Del explains what it was like not only being cousins with Ice Cube, but their musical similarities and his involvement earlier on in his career. We learn about Del’s feelings towards the Gorillaz, while Domino breaks down just about every Hiero collaboration imaginable. We talk I Wish My Brother George Was Here, ’93 Til Infinity, No Need For Alarm, Fear Itself, Like It Should Be and No Man’s Land. We discuss their rap dominance prior to being dropped by the label. Tajai’s breaks down his feelings towards the group’s sophomore album and the importance of each album sounding different.


Special guests Slug, Murs, Apathy, J-Zone, The Grouch & Breakbeat Lou also share their feelings on the Hiero collective and lace us with some of their fondest memories of the music. You’ll hear many gems and plenty of "LOL" moments, as well as plenty rewind moments on our Official Hiero Tribute show.


EPISODE 50 can be a fast burn or a slow one, we just hope the burn lasts forever because Hiero is forever!



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