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Episode 5 (Respect The Architects)


Run- DMC Medley

  1. Beats To The Rhyme

  2. Sucker MC’s

  3. Walk This Way

  4. You’re Blind

  5. King of Rock

  6. Rock Box

  7. Run’s House

  8. My Adidas

  9. Jam Master Jay

  10. Together Forever

  11. Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse)


LL Cool J Medley

  1. Rock The Bells

  2. You’ll Rock

  3. Boomin’ System

  4. Mama Say Knock You Out

  5. 4, 3, 2, 1

  6. I Shot Ya

  7. Krush Grove Skit

  8. It Get’s No Rougher

  9. Doin’ It

  10. Get Down

  11. Jack The Ripper

  12. Goin’ Back To Cali


Big Daddy Kane Medley

  1. Long Live The Kane

  2. Smooth Operator

  3. Ain’t No Half-Steppin’

  4. Lean On Me

  5. The Symphony

  6. Raw

  7. Wrath of Kane

  8. Set It Off

Public Enemy Medley

  1. Countdown To Armageddon

  2. Contract On The World Love Jam

  3. Terminator X On The Edge of Panic

  4. Your Gonna Get Yours

  5. Buckwildlin’

  6. Rebel Without A Pause

  7. Night of The Living Baseheads

  8. B-Side Wins Again

  9. Bring The Noise

  10. Public Enemy Number One

  11. Show ‘Em Watcha Got

  12. Rightstarter

  13. Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos


Boogie Down Productions Medley

  1.  Word From Our Sponsor

  2. Rock Candy

  3. South Bronx

  4. My Philosophy

  5. Criminal Minded

  6. MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know

  7. Hip-Hop vs. Rap

  8. Super Hoe

  9. Dope Beat

  10. Duck Down

  11. You Must Learn

  12. I’m Still #1 (Remix)

  13. Illegal Business


Eric B. & Rakim Medley

  1. Paid In Full

  2. Juice (Know The Ledge)

  3. My Melody

  4. Eric B. Is President

  5. Put Your Hands Together

  6. In The Ghetto (DJ 360 Remix)

  7. Follow The Leader

  8. Don’t Sweat The Technique

  9. I Ain’t No Joke

  10. I Know You Got Soul

All tracks mixed and slashed by DJ 360

This is the first installment of several "Respect The Architects" episodes we’ll be doing. It’s important to not only remember, but respect the pioneers, the originators and the emcees who have influenced in hip-hop as we know it today. While shows like The Get Down or Hip-Hop Evolution have done a great job with the visual side of things, episode 5 is all about the audio. Our topic of the show is what emcee opened your eyes to hip-hop and made you hit that rewind button until it broke? Sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy the sounds of LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions to name a few.


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