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Episode 36 (Respect The Architects II)






31 episodes ago we hit you with the first installment Respect The Architects. On II, we pay homage to the legendary Slick Rick, Beastie Boys and EPMD. In addition, we have one of the most exciting, informative and legendary guest interviews in the show's history - Erick Sermon! The Green-Eyed Bandit is an open book and doesn't hesitate to "go there" on many topics you'll want to hear about. We talk about the early years of meeting PMD and landing their first record deal for $1500. We talk about how Russell brought them to Def Jam and then how Clive Davis forked over a cool 4 million to sign Erick after Music had dropped.

We talk about touring with Run-DMC. We talk Craig Mack, Biggie, 50 Cent, Lyor Cohen, Ludacris, Nas and of course, Redman. We touch on the PMD beef and the possibility of a reunion. Erick says his best years of his life was when they broke-up and he went solo. We find out that Erick and Ice Cube were best friends and that E helped him prepare for going solo as well. We find out that Dr. Dre had originally turned down the opportunity to remix "The Platform" by Dilated Peoples, so E stepped in and cashed out after making the beat in just 30 minutes. We also learn many great (GOAT) producers turned down to work with Shaq, but Erick was game.

We talk about Erick's rim shop and what it meant to Atlanta and specifically, the hip-hop scene. And yes, Keith Murray kicked David Banner out of the shop once too! Erick doesn't hold back about anything. Whether he was messing around with Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes or Wendy Williams, he goes there. We learn Eric B. is still the guy to get things done and was responsible for getting Marvin Gaye's family to clear the sample. We talk Def Squad and learn Erick isn't a big fan of their cover of Rapper's Delight. We find out how Red & Meth also derailed the Def Squad.

And we finally find out why we aren't hearing more of Erick and Redman.


This description sounds like I gave it all away, but we haven't even scratched the surface. You don't want to miss this interview!

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