Episode 31 - Talking Book (With Supastition)​

1.  Cunninlynguists - Nasty Filthy feat. Supastition & Cashmere The Pro

2.  Vanderslice - North American Money feat. Slug & Evidence

3.  DJ Skizz - Dead Wrong feat. Freeway, Conway & Westside Gunn

4.  Westside Gunn - The Steiners feat. Elzhi

5.  DJ Muggs & MF Doom - Assassination Day feat. Kool G. Rap

6.  Kool G. Rap & 38 Spesh - Flow Gods feat. Meyhem Lauren & Freddie Gibbs

7.  Apollo Brown & Locksmith - No Question

8.  Oxygen & Paul Nice - Feel Good Music

9.  Special Ed - Taxin'

10.   Blame One - Frontin' Foes

11.   Redman - I Love Hip Hop

12.   Blueprint - Health Is Wealth feat. Supastition & Mr. Lif

13.   Supastition - Boombox

14.   Little Brother - For You

15.   Devin The Dude - What A Job feat. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000

16.   The Roots - Somebody's Gotta Do It feat. Devin The Dude & Jean Grae

17.   Supastition - The Williams

18.   Supastition - Yada Yada (DJ 360 Remix)

19.   Esau - 2 Many Emcees feat. The Nobodies, Yaggfu Front, Danja Mowf, Apathy & Supastition

20.   Supastition - Nickel On The Needle

21.   Hieroglyphics - You Never Know

22.   Felt (Murs & Slug) - Dirty Girl

23.   O.C. - Bonafide feat. Jay-Z

24.   Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Love Comes And Goes

25.   Kurious - Mansion & A Yacht feat. Sadat X & Mike G

26.   The Beatnuts - World's Famous

27.   Fat Joe - Flow Joe

28.   Trends of Culture - Who Got My Back (Remix) feat. Method Man & Treach

29.   Intelligent Hoodlum - Mad Brothers Know His Name

30.   Brand Nubian - Pass The Gat

31.   Ultramagnetic MC's - Two Brothers With Checks (San Francisco, Harvey)

32.   Mobb Deep - Project Hallways

33.   Tha Alkaholiks - Can't Tell Me Shit

34.   MC Breed - Gotta Get Mine feat. 2Pac

35.   Eric B. & Rakim - Step Back

36.   Pete Nice & Daddy Rich - Kick The Bobo

37.   KMD - Sweet Premium Wine

38.   Mad Skillz - The Nod Factor

39.   Dres - Peace Phife feat. Red Alert, Chi-Ali & Sadat X

As the summer comes to an end, we felt the best way to transition was to let the music do the talking. We have new joints by Redman, Westside Gunn, DJ Muggs, Redman, Dres, Blueprint, Apollo Brown & Locksmith, plus we sprinkle in smooth favorites by Little Brother, Hieroglyphics, Felt, O.C. and take it back to '93 with classics by Fat Joe, Ultramagnetic MC's, Brand Nubian, MC Breed, Tha Alkaholiks and KMD to name a few. We also catch-up with our longtime friend Supastiton, who shares some great stories and was kind enough to allow us to remix one of his tracks too. Sit back, relax and enjoy the musical journey and peace to all of the Stevie Wonder fans out there - this cover is for you!

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