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Episode 30 (Native Tongues Tribute Part 2)

  1. Queen Latifah – Wrath of My Madness

  2. De La Soul – The Magic Number

  3. A Tribe Called Quest – Footprints

  4. Jungle Brothers – Beyond This World

  5. De La Soul – Eye Know

  6. A Tribe Called Quest – Luck of Luian

  7. A Tribe Called Quest – Pubic Enemy (Saturday Night Virus Discomix)

  8. Jungle Brothers – Black Is Black feat. Q-Tip

  9. A Tribe Called Quest – I Left My Wallet In El Segundo

  10. De La Soul – Potholes In My Lawn

  11. A Tribe Called Quest – Push It Along

  12. De La Soul – What Yo Life Can Be (Saturdays Remix) feat. A Tribe Called Quest & Dres

  13. Queen Latifah – Ladies First feat. Monie Love

  14. De La Soul – Ring, Ring, Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

  15. De La Soul – Keepin’ The Faith

  16. Black Sheep – Have U.N.E. Pull

  17. Black Sheep – Have U.N.E. Pull (Remix)

  18. Chi-Ali – Funky Lemonade (Beatnuts Remix)

  19. Fu-Schnickens – La Schmoove feat. Phife Dawg

  20. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Remix) feat. Kid Hood & Leaders of The New School

  21. A Tribe Called Quest -  Steve Biko (Stir It Up)

  22. De La Soul – In The Woods

  23. A Tribe Called Quest – We Can Get Down

  24. De La Soul – Area

  25. A Tribe Called Quest – 8 Million Stories

  26.  De La Soul – En Focus

  27. A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight

  28. De La Soul – Patti Dooke feat. Guru

  29. A Tribe Called Quest – Sucka Nigga

  30. De La Soul – I Am I Be

  31. A Tribe Called Quest – The Chase, Part 2

  32. De La Soul – Stone Age feat. Biz Markie

  33. A Tribe Called Quest – Clap Your Hands

  34. De La Soul – Eye Patch

  35. A Tribe Called Quest – Keep It Rollin’ feat. Large Professor

  36. De La Soul – Breakadawn (De La Remix)

  37. A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation (Remix)

  38. A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

  39. Jungle Brothers – Jimbrowski feat. DJ Red Alert

  40. A Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rime

  41. Black Sheep – Yes

  42. De La Soul – Fanatic of The B Word feat. Dres

  43. Black Sheep – Gimmie Da Finga (Remix)

  44. A Tribe Called Quest – Show Business feat. Sadat X, Lord Jamar & Diamond D

  45. A Tribe Called Quest – Vibes And Stuff

  46. Jungle Brothers – J Beez Comin’ Through

  47. De La Soul – Oodles of O’s

  48. De La Soul – Excursions (J. Period Mix)

  49. A Tribe Called Quest – Excurisons

  50. Black Sheep – Similak Child (Homogenized Remix)

  51. Black Sheep – Still In The Ghetto

  52. Jungle Brothers – Book of Rhymes Pages

  53. Jungle Brothers – Feelin’ Alright

  54. Jungle Brothers –Braggin’ & Boastin’

  55. A Tribe Called Quest – Mr. Incognito

  56. Jungle Brothers – 40 Below Trooper

  57. A Tribe Called Quest – Award

  58. Black Sheep – To Whom It May Concern

  59. Dres – Pardon Me

  60. A Tribe Called Quest – Mardi Gras At Midnight feat. Rah Digga

  61. A Tribe Called Quest – That Shit feat. J Dilla

  62. Slum Village – Hold Tight (Q-Tip Remix) feat. Q-Tip

  63. Mos Def – Mr. Nigga feat. Q-Tip

  64. A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again

  65. Luciano – Who Could It Be feat. Jungle Brothers

  66. Phife Dawg - Flawless

  67. De La Soul – Double Huey Skit

  68. De La Soul – Ghetto Thang

  69. De La Soul – Pass The Plugs

  70. De La Soul – Pease Porridge

  71. De La Soul – Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa

  72. De La Soul – Lovely How I Let My Mind Float feat. Biz Markie

  73. De La Soul – 3 Days Later

  74. De La Soul – Supa Emcees

  75. De La Soul – Itzsoweeze (Hot)

  76. De La Soul - Dinninit

  77. De La Soul – Thru Ya City feat. D.V. Alis Khrist

  78. De La Soul - Declaration

  79. De La Soul – Baby Phat feat. Devin The Dude

  80. De La Soul – Much More

  81. De La Soul – Verbal Clap

  82. De La Soul – Rock Co. Kane Flow feat. MF Doom

  83. De La Soul – Get Away

  84. De La Soul – God It feat. Nas

  85. De La Soul – Pain feat. Snoop Dogg

  86. De La Soul – Property of feat. Roc Marciano

  87. De La Soul – Come On Down (DJ 360 Remix) feat. Flavor Flav

  88. A Tribe Called Quest – Description of A Fool

  89. A Tribe Called Quest – Mr. Muhammad

  90. A Tribe Called Quest – Verses From The Abstract

  91. A Tribe Called Quest – Butter

  92. A Tribe Called Quest – Keep It Moving

  93. A Tribe Called Quest – The Hop

  94. A Tribe Called Quest – Phony Rappers

  95. A Tribe Called Quest -  Jam (Remix)

  96. A Tribe Called Quest – Like It Like That

  97. A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way

  98. A Tribe Called Quest – The Space Program

  99. A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation

  100. A Tribe Called Quest – We The People

  101. Black Sheep – Pass The 40 feat. Chi-Ali & Baby Chris Lighty

  102. Chi-Ali – Roadrunner

  103. Black Sheep – On The Wall

  104. Black Sheep – Autobiographical

  105. DJ Honda – Trouble In The Water feat. De La Soul

  106. Jungle Brothers – Getting’ Money

  107. Dres – Endz

  108. Busta Rhymes – Poetic Justice feat. Q-Tip

  109. Busta Rhymes – You Can’t Hold The Torch feat. Q-Tip

  110. Handsome Boy Modeling School – First…And Then feat. Dres

  111. Handsome Boy Modeling School – If It Wasn’t For You feat. De La Soul

  112. Jungle Brothers – Jungle Brother (True Blue)

  113. De La Soul – Pony Ride feat. Truth Enola

  114. Q-Tip – What Lies Beneath

  115. Q-Tip – Renaissance Rap (Remix) feat. Busta Rhymes

  116. Slum Village – Scheming feat. Phife Dawg & Posdnous

  117. Slum Village – Right Back feat. De La Soul

  118. Slum Village – Turning Me Off feat. De La Soul

  119. Phife Dawg – Nutshell

  120. Black Sheep – Birds of A Feather feat. Q-Tip, Trugoy & Mike G

  121. A Tribe Called Quest - Ego

Wrapping up the final installment of our Native Tongues Tribute, we bring you 7+ chock-full hours of classics, current jawns, remixes and even more collaborative efforts. Because a 7 hour show isn't ideal for streaming sites, we decided to turn Episode 30 into an A side and B side. This should also help eliminate the anxiety of having to sit through an episode 7+ hours long too.

Special guest Mike G. of the Jungle Brothers stops by to share stories about DJ Red Alert, Chris Lighty’s OCD, the ultimate hip-house classic, touring the UK and Mike even sheds light on a possible NT reunion.

We damn near cover everything imaginable our 2-part 13+ hour Native Tongue Tribute. On part 2, we've included progression mixes for both De La and Tribe. We dig deeper in the Black Sheep and J. Beez catalog. We’ve got gems from Queen Latifah, Chi-Ali with the help of The Beatnuts and we even delve in to the solo work of Phife Dawg, Dres and Q-Tip.


Episode 30 has 121 tracks (210 total in the tribute), including a fresh DJ 360 remix for your listening pleasure. This episode should help cap off your summer and hopefully most of you will finish listening to this tribute by Labor Day. Take it in slowly or run through it like Emmitt Smith. Remember, we love adding little nuances, crazy samples, funny sound bites and little Easter eggs throughout our episodes, so listen and enjoy the sounds of Take It Personal. From all of us, we thank you for your continued support!

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