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Episode 25 (Krs-One Tribute)

All songs by Boogie Down Productions and KRS-One unless noted.

1.  Rappaz R N Dainja

2.  Criminal Minded

3.  My Philosophy

4.  Outta Here

5.  Sound of The Police (Showbiz Remix)

6.  Sound of The Police

7.  Channel Live – Mad Izm feat. KRS-One

8.  Step Into A World

9.  Step Into A World (Remix) feat. Puffy

10.   South Bronx

11.   I’m Still #1

12.   The Bridge Is Over

13.   Love’s Gonna Get’cha

14.   KRS-One Attacks

15.   Return of The Boom Bap

16.   MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know

17.   Illegal Business

18.   Poetry

19.   Duck Down

20.   Bring It Back

21.   Free Mumia

22.   Poor Righteous Teachers – Conscious Style feat. KRS-One

23.   C.I.A. feat. Zach De La Rocha & The Last Emperor

24.   I Can’t Wake Up

25.   Fat Joe – Bronx Tale feat. KRS-One

26.   D&D All Stars – 1, 2 Pass It

27.   D&D All Stars – 1, 2 Pass It (DJ Premier Remix)

28.   Lord Finesse – No Gimmicks feat. KRS-One

29.   Lord Finesse – Brainstorm feat. O.C. & KRS-One

30.   Group Therapy – East Coast West Coast Killas

31.   Word From Our Sponsor

32.   9mm Goes Bang

33.   Stop The Violence Movement – Self Destruction

34.   Stop The Violence

35.   Essays on BDP-Ism

36.   Higher Level

37.   Hip-Hop Vs. Rap

38.   Public Enemy – Unstoppable feat. KRS-One

39.   Showbiz & A.G. – Drop It Heavy feat. Big Pun & KRS-One

40.   Bulworth feat. Prodigy

41.   The P Is Free (Original)

42.   The P Is Still Free (Remix)

43.   Mad Crew

44.   Brown Skin Woman

45.   Whitey Don – Article (Remix) feat. Mad Lion & KRS-One

46.   Black Cop

47.   Tim Dog – I Get Wrecked feat. KRS-One

48.   Das EFX – Represent The Real feat. KRS-One

49.   Heartbeat feat. Angie Martinez & Redman

50.   EPMD – Run It feat. KRS-One

51.   Blowe feat. Redman

52.   High School Rock

53.   We In There (ATCQ Remix)

54.   Questions & Answers (Pal Joey Remix)

55.   Stop Frontin’

56.   The Blueprint

57.   Jack of Spades (Movie Mix)

58.   You Must Learn

59.   Cormega – Fresh feat PMD, Grand Puba, Big Daddy Kane & KRS-One

60.   Classic (DJ Premier Remix) feat. Kanye West, Nas, Rakim & KRS-One

61.   Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Buckshot feat. KRS-One & DJ Premier

62.   5% feat. Grand Puba

63.   Lyrics Born – Pack It Up (Remix) feat. Evidence & KRS-One

64.   I Will Make It (Dr. Dre Mix)

65.   The MC

66.   DJ Revolution – The DJ feat. KRS-One

67.   Build Ya Skillz feat. Busta Rhymes

68.   Rising To The Top

69.   Put Ya Ones Up

70.   No Wack DJ’s

71.   Domingo - New York feat. KRS-One

72.   Let’s Go (DJ 360 Remix) feat. KRS-One & Warren G

73.   I’m On The Mic

74.   Get Your Self Up

75.   Hip-Hop Knowledge

76.   The Style You Haven’t Done Yet

77.   Dope Beat

78.   Ya Slippin’

79.   Super-Hoe

80.   Elementary

81.   Jimmy

82.   Build And Destroy

83.   Ed O.G. – How It’s Supposed To Be feat. KRS-One

84.   Mortal Thought (Kenny Parker Remix)

85.   Who Is It feat. Bumpy Knuckles

86.   Legendary

87.   All Skool

88.   The Movement

89.   1-2, Here’s What We Gone Do feat. RZA

90.   Survival Skills feat. Buckshot

91.   My Dreams

Episode 25 was a dream come true for us. If you've listened to our Wu-Tang, DJ Premier, Prodigy, Atmosphere and Pete Rock tribute shows, you know we're like Steady B and take these tributes seriously. On this 5+ hour tribute, we take you back to the days of Boogie Down Production all the way to the Blastmaster of today. We sprinkle in boom bap classics, underground anthems, guest appearances, remixes and personal favorites throughout this musical journey. It's sometimes easy to forget greatness, but after this episode, we're certain everyone will remember just how important, influential and accomplished KRS-One is. We're also certain after listening, it's going to be difficult not to reconsider your greatest MC's rankings. We have a brand new website where you can stream, download and view playlists for every episode we release. Enjoy our KRS-One tribute and keep real hip-hop alive!

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