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Episode 19 (Atmosphere Tribute)​

All songs by Atmosphere unless noted.

  1. Trying To Find A Balance

  2. Modern Man’ Hustle

  3. Felt (Murs & Slug) – Hot Bars

  4. The Best Day

  5. Sunshine

  6. Guns & Cigarettes

  7. The Woman With The Tattooed Hands

  8. Pour Me Another

  9. Smart Went Crazy

  10. Felt – Marvin Gaye

  11. Road To Riches

  12. Godlovesugly

  13. Homecoming feat. El-P

  14. Clay

  15. Sound is Vibration

  16. Multiples

  17. Scapegoat

  18. Between The Lines

  19. Don’t Ever Fucking Question That

  20. Little Man

  21. Good Daddy

  22. In Her Music Box

  23. Happymess

  24. Fuck You Lucy

  25. Painting

  26. Camera Thief

  27. Your Name Here

  28. Became

  29. Pure Evil feat. I.B.E.

  30. Millie Fell Off The Fire Escape

  31. The Waitress

  32. Watch Out

  33. They Call It

  34. Shoes

  35. Say Hey There

  36. Carry Me Home

  37. Your Glass House

  38. Always Coming Back Home To You

  39. Me

  40. You

  41. Lyndale Avenue User’s Manual

  42. Puppets

  43. Freefallin’

  44. My Notes

  45. Perfect

  46. CunninLynguists – Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes) feat. Slug

  47. Evidence – Late For The Sky feat. Slug & Aesop Rock

  48. MHz (Copywrite & RJD2) – Satisfaction feat. Slug

  49. Moleman – Put Your Quarters Up feat. Slug, Aesop Rock & MF DOOM

  50. MF DOOM – Supervillianz feat. Kurious & Slug

  51. When The Lights Go Out feat. Kool Keith & MF DOOM

  52. KRS-One & Buckshot – We Made It feat. Slug

  53. Nothing But Sunshine

  54. God’s Bathroom Floor

  55. Cuando Limpia El Humo

  56. Onemosphere

  57. The Stick Up feat. Eyedea

  58. Travel

  59. Eyedea Blaze Battle Champion

  60. Flicker

  61. Eyedea – Freestyle

  62. Felt – Permanent Standby

  63. Millennium Dobo 2

  64. Felt – Henrietta Longbottom

  65. The Losers Wins

  66. Vakill – Fallen feat. Slug

  67. The Abusing of The Rib

  68. Brother Ali – Missing Teeth feat. Slug

  69. Luckyiam – For You feat. Aceyalone & Slug

  70. Ode To The Modern Man

  71. Felt – Early Mornin’ Tony (DJ 360 Remix)

  72. To All My Friends

  73. The Major Leagues

  74. Yesterday

Over the past two decades, Atmosphere has been touring the globe, making music, making fans and one member, especially, making babies. Hailing outta Minneapolis, Slug and Ant aren’t just a group, they’re Minnesota Nice! The slept-on beatmaker and storyteller have accumulated copious amounts of success throughout the years, so it was time Take It Personal took you on a tribute trip down Atmosphere lane. We cover the classics, the obscure, fan favorites and even some collaborations. We promise you, there will never be another Atmosphere tribute quite like this one. To further cement that, we invited Slug on the show to break bread with us. The 2-part interview plays throughout this 4+ hour tribute show. We delve into a different side of Sean Daley. We talk Al Franken, ironically, a day before the allegations came out. We talk critics, family, touring, Soundset, DJ Premier and some crazy stories like the time Rick Rubin was courting them. When you think Minnesota musicians, you immediately think of Prince, The Time, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and probably Bob Dylan, but after this show, we have to think Atmosphere will be right there with them.


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