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Episode 145 - A Tribute to Paul's Boutique

Side A

  1. To All the Girls

  2. Shake Your Rump

  3. Johnny Ryall

  4. Egg Man

  5. High Plains Drifter

  6. The Sounds of Science

  7. 3-Minute Rule

  8. Hey Ladies


Side B

  1. 5-Piece Chicken Dinner

  2. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

  3. Car Thief

  4. What Comes Around

  5. Shadrach

  6. Ask for Janice

  7. B-Boy Bouillabaisse 

  • 59 Chrystie Street

  • Get on the Mic

  • Stop That Train

  • A Year and a Day

  • Hello Brooklyn

  • Dropping Names

  • Lay It on Me

  • Mike on the Mic

  • A.W.O.L.

Episode 145 is something DJ 360 has dreamed about doing since 1989. To tackle the brilliance behind Paul's Boutique is no easy feat but on this episode you'll hear each track being reproduced with original samples, both original and new production all to breath new life into this 35 year old masterpiece.

Little Brother Interview:


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