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Episode 133 - Ultramagnetic MC's Interview & The Four Horseman Album Spotlight (With Kool Keith & Ced Gee)

On Episode 133, we linked up with Kool Keith and Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic MC's to discuss their legendary careers. Both originators and innovators, who helped usher in a new sound, all while laying the blueprint down for the underground.


What started out an interview dissecting things in chronological order, turned into a session of guys having fun, cracking jokes and some very forthright and downright fascinating stories from Keith.


Topics include:

  • Critical Beatdown

  • Criminal Minded

  • Lyor Cohen & Def Jam Records

  • Dissing Run-DMC

  • Tim Dog

  • Why "Fuck Compton" was made

  • Dr. Octagon

  • Godfather Don

  • Kutmaster Kurt

  • The Automator

  • Fighting with Foxy Brown

  • The Negro Leagues of Baseball

  • Nas

  • Rawkus Records

  • Ced Gee X Kool Keith LP


On our next episode, we'll be doing a tribute to both Ultramagnetic and the solo career of Kool Keith and all 45 different aliases.  



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