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Episode 132 - 90's Flashback Pt. 5

  1. Tracklist Coming Soon

On Episode 132, we're bringing you the 5th and final installment of our 90's Flashback series. This is our potpourri edition. We've got music from Prince, Missy Elliott, Jamiroquai, Weezer, Daft Punk, Rage Against The Machine, Uncle Luke, Foo Fighters, Jay-Z, Jane's Addiction, Biggie, Nine Inch Nails, LL Cool J and Janet Jackson. Plus medleys dedicated to Aerosmith, Boyz II Men and Timberland.  


We delivered another 3 mixes to put the finishing touches on this 5-part 90's Flashback series, giving you the ultimate music capsule. At the break, we discuss the new Mixtape Documentary, the importance of the mixtape DJ, as well as the importance of the music video. Don't forget to join the Get On Down giveaway and earn a chance to take home this Low End Theory 7-inch box set! 


Enjoy the final lap of our 90's flashback series. Next-up is the Ultramagnetic MC'!.  



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