Episode 12 (Prodigy Tribute Pt. 2) w/ Bonz Malone & Domingo

  1. Survival of The Fittest (Remix)

  2. Shook Ones Pt. 1

  3. Man Down

  4. Mac 10 Handles (Prodigy)

  5. Dirty New Yorker (Prodigy

  6. You Can Never Feel My Pain (Prodigy)

  7. Cop Hell

  8. Peer Pressure

  9. Hit It From The Back

  10. First Day of Spring

  11. Avirex

  12. Scram(Thrill Me) (45 King Remix)

  13. Save Them (AZ)

  14. In The Long Run

  15. The Bridge

  16. If These Walls Could Talk (Original)

  17. Killa Queens (Infamous Mobb)

  18. Rodney Little (Conway)

  19. Death Sentence (Prodigy)

  20. Trials of Life (Ghostface Killah)

  21. Return of The Mac (Prodigy)

  22. Gnarly

  23. Catch Body Music

  24. The Gun Holds A Drum (Havoc)

  25. Am I Crazy? (Prodigy)

  26. The Rotten Apple (Prodigy)

  27. Bang On ‘Em (Prodigy)

  28. P Keep Spittin’ (Prodigy)

  29. Mobb Niggaz (Infamous Mobb)

  30. Killaz Theme (Cormega)

  31. Up North Trip

  32. Party Over

  33. Change (Prodigy)

  34. Broke Rappers (Prodigy)

  35. Serious (1st Infantry)

  36. Rock Da Shit (Prodigy)

  37. Give It Up Fast

  38. Get Away

  39. Get It Forever

  40. Nickel And A Nail (Prodigy)

  41. Veterans Memorial Part 2 (Prodigy)

  42. Self-Conscience (Prodigy & Nas)

  43. Losing Weight (Cam’Ron)

  44. Stronger (Prodigy)

  45. The Good Fight (Prodigy)

  46. Never Goin’ Back

  47. Paid In Full

  48. Nighttime Vultures

After our 6+ hour DJ Premier show, we swore we were done with tributes for a while. Then, on June 20th, hip-hop suffered another tremendous loss. We usually celebrate the careers of the artists we do tributes on, but in this show, we wanted to celebrate the life of Albert “Prodigy” Johnson as well. Like the Preem tribute, this was no easy feat. Prodigy’s career was remarkable filled with longevity and a ridiculously extensive catalog. He started making music as a teen and went out doing exactly what he loved at aged 42. This tribute was an emotional one, and we know many of you will get to re-live moments when you first heard these Mobb classics. If there is one thing our listeners should know by now about Take It Personal, it’s that we take it SERIOUSLY! We have 5 extraordinary guests, each one sharing unique, personal stories about Prodigy. Shouts out to DJ Premier, Bonz Malone, Meyhem Lauren, Domingo and Ras Kass for being a huge part of this proper send-off. You all helped make this a masterpiece. And since this is another 6+ hour one, we decided to break it up into two parts. Please make sure you listen to it in its entirety- I promise, you don’t want to miss anything our guests had to say or any of the joints we played. P may be gone, but his music lives forever. RIP P!


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