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Episode 69 - Black Thought Tribute Pt. 2 (With Black Thought)




Episode 69 is part 2 of our Black Thought Tribute. We continue our exclusive interview with Black Thought, and l ace you with 2 ridiculous mixes that showcases the immense talents of Tarik Trottier.  We got the classics, the collabos and even the crossover jawns. And by now, you know how TIP gets down, so expect a few surprises, too!


We recorded our interview prior to the tragic passing of Malik B. It's unfortunate because it would have been special for Malik to hear all the great things Black Thought said about him. Malik B was such an intricate part of The Roots and this interview proves just that.


Black Thought was was honest, informative, fun, witty, and extremely giving of his time. Enjoy part 2 of our Black Thought tribute and remember our full interview is streaming now on our VEVO channel and you can even download each episodes directly on our website


RIP Malik B.
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All songs by The Roots or Black Thought unless noted.

  1.  Step In The Realm

  2.  What They Do

  3.  Act Too (The Love of My Life) feat. Common

  4.  Dynamite!

  5.  Don’t See Us

  6.  Double Trouble feat. Mos Def

  7.  Black Star – Respiration (Pete Rock Remix) feat. Black Thought

  8.  Ital (The Universal Side) feat. Q-Tip

  9.  UNIverse At War feat. Common

  10.  Push Up Ya Lighter feat. Bahamadia

  11.  Bahamadia – Da Jawn feat. The Roots

  12.  The Roots – Proceed III feat. Bahamadia

  13.  Walkin’ Large – Listen To This

  14.  DJ Krush – Meiso feat. Black Thought & Malik B.

  15.  Hardware

  16.  Quills

  17.  BK-One – Philly Boy feat. Black Thought

  18.  J Dilla – Love Movin’ feat. Black Thought

  19.  J Dilla - Reality TV feat. Black Thought

  20.  Can’t Stop This

  21.  Dilated Peoples – Hard Hitters feat. Black Thought

  22.  Duck Down!

  23.  Criminal

  24.  Saigon – Too Long feat. Black Thought

  25.  Skyzoo – Money Makes Us Happy feat. Black Thought & Bilal

  26.  The Otherside feat. Bilal

  27.  The Day feat. Blu & Phonte

  28.  Right On

  29.  DANGERDOOM – Mad Nice feat. Black Thought

  30.  Silent Treatment (Black Thought Remix)

  31.  Silent Treatment

  32.  The Notic feat. D’Angelo

  33.  You Got Me feat. Erykah Badu

  34.  You Got Me (Original Version) feat. Jill Scott

  35.  You Got Me (Me Tienes Remix)

  36.  The Seed 2.0 feat. Cody ChesnuTT

  37.  How I Got Over

  38.  Conception

  39.  Lary Gold – No Stoppin’ feat. Black Thought, McFadden & Whitehead

  40.  Hard Times feat. John Legend

  41.  The Fire feat. John Legend

  42.  Doin’ It Again feat. John Legend

  43.  Break You Off (Original Version) feat. D’Angelo

  44.  Pussy Galore

  45.  Sacrifice

  46.  What You Want feat. Jaguar Wright

  47.  Stay Cool

  48.  Michael Buble – Nobody But Me feat. Black Thought

  49.  Young Chris – Philly Shit (Remix) feat. Black Thought

  50.  Don’t Say Nuthin’

  51.  Don’t Feel Right

  52.  My Shot (Remix)

  53.  The Coup – My Favorite Mutiny feat. Black Thought

  54.  Star

  55.  Guns Are Drawn

  56.  What Goes On Pt. 7

  57.  Mellow My Man

  58.  No Alibi

  59.  Episodes

  60.  Quicksand Millennium

  61.  Long Time feat. Peedi Crakk

  62.  I’m Out Deah

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