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Writer, actor, A&R, sneaker addict and all-around amazing story-teller, Bonz Malone joins Take It Personal on our Prodigy tribute show. There are people in this world that talk about it and then there are those who live it. Bonz Malone does both. After 3+ decades of contributions, Bonz has been apart of some of the greatest hip-hop stories, movements and even movies. Whether it was his time penning acclaimed features in The Source, Vibe and Spin, appearing in the movies Whiteboyz, Brooklyn Babylon, Life, consulting for Juice or even winning the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for his own movie Slam, Bonz has done more than most people. In this interview, he entertains, informs and shares some great stories about Wu-Tang, the time he lost the chance to sign Biggie over a friendly dice game, and of course, signing Mobb Deep to their first record deal.

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