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2Pac Tribute Mix

One of my favorite tributes on Take It Personal has been our West Coast Classic series. Two years ago, on West Coast Classics III (episode 16), we dropped this 2Pac mini-mix.


It's no secret that I'm a huge Pac fan. I know that's really not something people who love Kool Keith or MF DOOM willingly admits, but I do. From 1993-1995, Pac was an absolute beast. His Death Row material is cool, but I felt like we got the real Pac before joined Suge and the gang.


I've always felt his voice, his delivery and his storytelling ability made him extremely special. Much like Ice Cube or Scarface, Pac was just as talented in painting that vivid tale on wax.


This mix is JUST an appetizer(we promise). It does NOT feature everything, especially some of my favorite Pac collaborations, but it's a reminder of what we do when it comes to tributes. This summer, we'll be honoring the late Tupac Shakur.


I strongly suggest you to revisit our West Coast Classic series (episode 14-17), where we feature many other mini-tributes such as Ice Cube, Hieroglyphics, Golden State Warriors, Death Row Records, Pharcyde, Likwit Crew, Cypress Hill and the westcoast underground with Dilated Peoples, Freestyle Fellowship, Defari, Planet Asia, Rasco & Encore.


While this 2Pac mini-mix is just a taste of what's coming, there are a lot of Pac songs features on West Coast Classics not featured on this mix. Get ready to carve out a few hours cuz we got a lot to cover on our 2-part Pac tribute.


Coming Soon:

Take It Personal - The 2Pac Tribute (Summer '20)

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